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How often should I get a pedicure?

Healthy nails are beautiful. However maintaining it healthy demands some attention from you. It is good to get a pedicure once in three weeks. Dirt accumulates in your toes faster than you imagine. Bacteria and fungus grow easily bringing diseases. So have a pedicure at least once a month. It will benefit your feet greatly!

I have ingrown toes. Is it safe to get a pedicure now?

Ingrown toes are a painful condition affecting the toes. It is better to avoid a pedicure if you have ingrown toe nails as the risk of infection is high. But prevention is better than cure. You can prevent ingrown toes nails to a great extent by having a pedicure once in a while. Nail technicians are experts in understanding foot problems and they’ll tell you what to do and what not to do so as to prevent ingrown nails.

Should I get a pedicure during winter?

Most women give up on pedicure and waxing during winter because the cold temperatures mean that they can’t expose their legs. However, regular pedicures including during winter can make your toes healthy, for pedicures are not for beauty alone. After being wrapped in stocking and shoes in winter your feet can get some rest and relaxation during a pedicure.

Can I wax my legs before I go for a pedicure?

We highly recommend NOT to wax your legs before your pedicure appointment. Although it might seem like a gentle thing to do, waxing your legs before a pedicure has the potential to cause infections. Waxing creates pores inside your skin so that the bacteria and fungus cleared out during a pedicure can find its way into your body. Therefore we recommend that you don’t wax your legs at least for two days before your pedicure

Is it safe to get a pedicure during pregnancy?

Yes, pedicure does not interfere with your health unless you develop an infection unsterilized tools, which puts both you and your baby at risk. Apart from that, there is little or no evidence that the chemicals and fumes from the nail salon will affect your baby

I have diabetes. Can I get a pedicure now?

For a patient with diabetes, wounds heal very slowly. This increases the risk of developing infections. We do not cut the cuticles or file too much on the nail beds.


Why should I choose artificial nails?

Artificial nails are quite popular these days due to the diverse designs and colors they come in. If you are a person of funky tastes with a leaning to bright shades and high contrasts, artificial nails are your thing. You can choose artificial nails if you want to get creative with your nails.

How can I protect my cuticles?

Your cuticles are very important in the protecting your nails. Therefore it is only natural that you should care for it too. Apply cuticle oil and massage your nails. Do NOT cut your cuticles or push it back, for it can damage them. Tea tree oil is also a good oil to massage your cuticles.

Is it okay to scrap my nail polish off my nails instead of using a remover?

No, scraping your nail polish off can harm your nails and nail beds. It is always advisable to use a nail polish remover to remove it. In the case of gel manicure do NOT scrape it off especially with sharp tools as it can damage your nails considerably.

What is the difference between a gel nail polish and a regular nail polish?

Gel nail polish and regular nail polish have a fundamental difference in their constitution. Regular nail polishes are like paint and dries slower then gel. However the gel nail polish (shellac), as the name suggests, is a gel compound. The gel nail polish requires curing or drying under a LED lamp. UV rays are also used to cure the gel nail polish. Gel nail polish is being increasingly used these days due to its ability to last long and resist chipping. It has a glassy surface as opposed to acrylic which looks like a plastic coating.

What are the advantages of the gel nail polish?

The gel nail polish lasts for up to 3-4 weeks without chipping. This increases the gap between your salon visits saving you time and money. It is non-porous which means that it does not let moisture from the atmosphere into your nails. With a glassy finish, gel nail polish looks very classic and adorable.

How can I remove a gel nail polish?

The gel nail polish removal requires professional help. Gel nail polish is best removed in a salon itself. Do not scratch or scrape your nail to remove the gel manicure because it can harm your nail bed. Although you can remove a gel nail polish at home too, it requires immense care and attention. Hence we recommend you to get it removed in a nail spa.

How to remove gel nail polish at home?

You can buy a gel remover or pure acetone for the process. Dip a ball of cotton in any of the solution and cover your nails with it. Again cover this with aluminum foil and then with a cloth to fasten the removal process. It can take from a quarter of an hour to an hour depending on the brand of gel you use. After this moisturize your nail and use a cuticle oil to keep it healthy.

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